Foam Flooding Systems

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Dealer, Traders of Foam Flooding Systems & our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Deluge Valves

Deluge Valve
  • Deluge Valve Model A
  • Fast application of water in spray, pre-action and foam system
  • Size: 50, 80, 100, 150 & 200 mm (2", 3", 4", 6" & 8")
  • Cast Iron construction
  • Maximum service pressure 12 bar (175 psi)
  • Vertical inlet and Horizontal outlet
  • Bronze Seat
  • Flanged connection dimensions to ANSI B 16.1
  • No latch, no piston, no hinges
  • Simple yet rugged
  • Diaphragm operated with rubber to metal drip-tight positive sealing
  • Reset without any tools
  • Service without removal from line
  • Easily trimmed for actuation by manual, remote solenoid valve & with wet or dry pilot
  • Internal and external surfaces epoxy coated for extra protection
  • The Deluge Valves are also available as pre-assembled cabinet/skid mounted, upon request
  • UL Listed


Foam Chambers

Foam Chamber
  • Sizes: 65NB, 80NB and 100NB
  • Flow from 100 to 1800 LPM (26 to 476 GPM)
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel material
  • Working pressure 2.8 to 7 Bar (40 to 100 PSI)
  • Epoxy painted from inside and outside
  • Supplied with Stainless Steel orifice plate
  • Frangible glass vapour seal
  • Solid or split deflector
  • UL Listed


Foam Makers

Form Maker
  • Size: 50 & 65 NB ( 2" & 2.5" )
  • Flow 75 to 550 LPM
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction
  • Working pressure 2.8 to 7 Bar (40 to 100 PSI)
  • Epoxy painted from inside and outside
  • Supplied with Stainless Steel orifice
  • UL Listed


Inline Foam Inductors

Inline Foam Inductor
  • Aluminium, Bronze or Stainless steel construction
  • 65, 80, 100 & 150 mm (2.5", 3", 4" & 6") size with fix flow of 75 to 3500 lpm
  • Working pressure 6.4 to 12 bar (93 to 175 psi)
  • Maximum back pressure as 65%
  • Each unit is calibrated and factory tested for flow, induction rate at maximum back pressure


Foam Water Sprinklers

Foam Water Sprinkler
  • Air aspirating type
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Material
  • Size: 1/2" BSPT / NPT
  • Working pressure 2.0 to 4.0 bar (30 to 60 psi)
  • K - Factor 42
  • Pendent mounting
  • UL Listed


Foam Monitor

Foam Monitor Varun
  • Low profile design
  • Hot dip galvanized carbon steel waterway
  • 80, 100 or 150 mm (3", 4" or 6") flanged inlet with 3" BSP male threaded outlet
  • Bronze swivel joint with double row of stainless steel ball bearing with grease fittings
  • Fully enclosed worm gear for horizontal and vertical movement of monitor
  • 360° continuous horizontal rotation and +90 0, -65 0 vertical elevation
  • Maximum operating pressure to 12 bar (175 psi)
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Flow up to 3030 lpm (800 gpm) friction loss less than 10 psi
  • Red polyurethane finish


Mobile Foam Units

Mobile Foam Unit
  • Fiber glass tank of capacity 160 litres in yellow finish, Optional construction Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel tank of capacity upto 220 litres
  • Two solid rubber wheels for easy maneuver by one person Mounted with aluminium or bronze inductor of capacity 225 / 450 lpm (60 / 120 gpm) and branch pipe
  • Provision for mounting two fire hoses


Trolley Mounted Monitors

Trolley Mounted Monitor
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Trolley with two solid rubber wheels
  • 63 or 75 (2.5" or 3") monitors can be mounted
  • Water supply manifold with 2 or 4 inlet connections of 2.5" BSP instantaneous coupling
  • Epoxy painted


Trailer Mounted Monitors

Trailer Mounted Monitor
  • Rugged two wheel trailer
  • Easily maneuvered by two persons or pulled behind light truck or jeep
  • Monitor of 3", 4" or 6" size can be mounted with water supply manifold
  • Over run and manual brake
  • Four stabilizer legs for added safety
  • Low profile design for safety and stability
  • Trailer equipped with reflector
  • Provision of manifold having 2.5" or 4" BSP coupling at rear side of trailer for water supply to monitor from hydrant network
  • Aluminium chequered plate on trailer bed
  • Epoxy painted


Bladder Tanks

Bladder Tank
  • Vertical or Horizontal unit
  • Maximum working pressure 12 Bar (175 PSI)
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tank made to ASME Code Section VIII Div I
  • ASME U Stamp available as an option
  • Capacity up to 15,000 liters (4000 gal.)
  • Compatible with all foam concentrates
  • Nylon reinforced Buna-n-rubber bladder
  • Proportioner pre-piped on to the tank
  • Bladder Tank filling kit provided if required
  • UL Listed


Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks

Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tank
  • Horizontal unit
  • Made up to 15000 liter (4000 Gal) Storage capacity
  • Stainless Steel 304/316 material
  • Comes with ladder, sight glass and air vent
  • Expansion dome of 2% tank capacity
  • Flat end or dome end
  • Natural, Custom or Red RAL 3000 epoxy painted
  • Tank can be custom made with inline inductor mounted on the tank


Aqueous Film Forming Foam

Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AFFF is Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate (AFFF) has characteristic of film forming, due to which flame is rapidly knocked down and sealing of fuel surface is effectively achieved. AFFF is formulated with Fluorinated surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and stabilisers to give best performance and long shelf life. Due to presence of Fluorocarbon surfactant the foam has a positive spreading coefficient on the surface of the fuel, giving fast coverage and thereby helping the fire fighters in saving precious time. AFFF can be used with fresh or sea water. AFFF is available as 3% and 6% Foam Concentrate.


Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam

Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AR-AFFF is a foam concentrate containing polysaccharide, which forms a pseudo-plastic film on the surface of polar solvents. It forms a cohesive thin polymeric film at the interface between foam and the water soluble Polar solvents. This thin polysaccharide film protects the foam without destruction of aqueous film by polar solvents. The polymeric film has self - sealing characteristics whereby the film, if disturbed gets regenerated by itself. AR-AFFF forms an aqueous film like AFFF on the surface of hydrocarbon solvents. AR-AFFF is also known as ARC (Alcohol Resistant Concentrate), ATC (Alcohol Type Concentrate), AGFFF (Aqueous Gel Film Forming Foam), MPF (Multipurpose Foam) and UF (Universal Foam). It exhibits quick fire control and is ideal for prompt intervention. AR-AFFF is available in type 3 x 6% concentrate and 3 x 3% concentrate. It is also available in freeze protected range.


Flouro Protein Foam

Flouro Protein Foam

FP is mainly based on protein material, which gives good sealing and excellent burn back resistance. However the spreading of the foam is slow. This limitation is overcome by incorporating fluorinated surfactant in the formulation; without affecting heat stability. FP is formulated with hydrolysed protein, fluorochemicals, metal salts, special stabilizers and preservatives to give the best performance and satisfactory storage. It is highly reliable, cost effective and efficient on massive hydro-carbon fires. It gives resistance to fuel pick-up and is suitable for sub-surface applications. FP is suitable for long pre-burn fires on petroleum tank farm fires, oil jetties, refineries and offshore oil platforms. FP is available as 3% and 6% Foam Concentrate.